The importance of balconies on confinement days

(Photo from left to right: Project by Eduarda Correa / Project by SP Estúdio / Project by Tetriz Arquitetura)

Balconies or small terraces have always been a fundamental part of a house or apartment for those who want to feel a little bit of the outside as an extension of the house. But in times of confinement, these spaces have come to play an even more important role and that can make a difference in each one's state of mind.

Chairs and coffee tables are a classic on a balcony, however it's time to make your balcony a more appealing place and bring a bit of nature into your space. So why not bet on a vertical garden? The idea of ​​a vertical garden initially came from the French designer Patrick Blanc and quickly became an ex-libris of decoration and design.

Vertical gardens are an original, creative and functional solution to make the most of smaller spaces and are suitable both indoors and outdoors. Creating a “live” panel also creates a sense of closeness to Nature and a sense of freedom and well-being.

Whether with vases, in metallic or wooden wall structures, creativity reigns supreme here! In addition to offering us a spectacular solution aesthetically, close to doors and windows these vertical gardens also help to block the entry of sound and heat into the house.

Relaxing on a sofa or armchair on the balcony, with a garden all around you, you will be able to feel a whole lot of renewing positive energy.

Balconies and terraces are an extension of your home, work them well. Give them a bit of Nature and complement them with dreamy decor.

Sofas, chairs, armchairs, cushions, armchairs, the possibilities are immense for those who want to create a small sanctuary. So design your corner and get to work on that dream balcony or terrace!