The FarmHouse decor trend seems to be here to stay!

Photography: Paul Rollings Photograhy

The Farmhouse style is a huge decoration trend and ideal for those looking for a concept that is not necessarily based on modernity and sophistication. This trend consists of creating a rustic concept that transmits a cozy, calm and slow living feeling.

The best way to implement this type of decoration is not to make the mistake of decorating everything at once, the secret is to combine furniture that matches each other but not in a very obvious way, to avoid the feeling that they are all part of the same set.

This style is inspired by the old country houses of North American farmers, where an extremely rural feature was witnessed, but at the same time pleasant and cozy. Therefore, nowadays this style consists of a mixture of the old and the modern, creating a perfect balance of everything you need, from comfort to tranquility, always in tune with nature.

All the furniture used in this trend stands out for being large and robust and one of the great advantages of this style is the fact that it allows you to restore furniture that already belongs to you as it will contribute to a vintage style.

And what about? Did you surrender or not to this country style? Leave us your opinion!