Decorating concepts and trends for 2022. Do you already know?

Feb 24, 2022

What does 2022 bring us in terms of decorating our homes? We investigated in depth and now bring you some of the most talked about trends!

The first concept that emerges after a pandemic crisis, where work started to be done from home for the majority of the world's population, is the super comfortable and functional space. And since the home office is here to stay, because companies have realized that they can maintain teleworking without any kind of damage, the tendency will be to adapt and further customize the workspace at home according to the needs of each one.

The second concept is Homefullness, a mixture of Mindfulness but brought to homes. If according to mindfulness we want our body to be a temple, a place of inner peace, presence and slow living, according to homefulness this same concept is applied to our home. This trend will triumph this year and the house will become a particularly special place, as if it were a sanctuary, a space of relaxation, peace and comfort.

The third concept has to do with the growing minimalist trend that we have been witnessing in recent years, under the motto less is more. Thus, we are going to favor fewer things, but with better quality, always under the motto of sustainability, the future and also cost containment.

The fourth concept is related to the connection to Nature, making the houses authentic gardens full of plants! As a result of long confinement in arid apartments, the focus turned to botany and the purchase of plants for the house became a reality with people showing more and more interest in putting their hands in the earth, even planting many times small vegetable gardens at home, on balconies, in pots, etc. The trend will therefore be to bring green into the home with various types of plants.

About the architectural space

We now have multipurpose open-plan spaces. Spaces that are too compartmentalized with very different functionalities no longer have a place, embracing a concept of a spacious, fluid, comfortable space, easy to socialize with, well lit and without any visual barrier. This versatility that the open space has brought allows the kitchen, living room, dining room, office to intersect in the same area.

About the furniture

The furniture that will have the most demand will be made from natural materials, the lines will be more elongated, the lower pieces, the light colors will take place this year.

For those who are fans of more extravagant and luxurious decorations, upholstered furniture with rounded corners reminiscent of the glorious 70's and 80's is also a strong trend for 2022. This type of furniture could delight fans of refinement and exaggeration when adding bold colors to their decorative palette.

The integration of old pieces in the decoration will also have its place this year. Whether in a contemporary, rustic or classic setting, the secret is to mix old pieces with modern pieces.

About Colors

Neutral and light tones continue to be a trend but there is something new, the black notes. Contrast will be one of the trends for 2022. These notes can be translated into home decor accessories, be it cushions, lamps, chairs, stools, pictures, among others.

As for colors for interior walls, sage green, matte or olive will be king in the decor. This color is perfect for any type of environment that can go from the most modern to the most rustic or classic.