How important is a headboard?

How important is a headboard?

Head support and backrest

The bed is not just for sleeping and if you are one of those people who like to read, relax, watch TV or other common activities such as using a laptop or phone or even having a meal, the headboard is a fantastic support to support your back comfortably. These headboards, especially if upholstered and padded, provide, in addition to a fantastic aesthetic, an additional backrest to the common pillows. Its height may dictate the best support for the head and neck, so when buying, do not forget to take this fact into account.

room decor

A headboard is a visual statement that gives a room its own style. It gives a special touch of design and comfort. The bedroom is undoubtedly the space where you spend the most time, hence the importance of having a differentiating piece that brings style and comfort. The headboard easily becomes the centerpiece of the decor and the best? It can be changed and “recycled” each time you want to renew the decor, making the bed more comfortable and inviting while standing out from the surrounding elements. From the simplest style to the most elaborate, the choice is always yours and the models are varied, you can choose the fabric, texture, color and size!

Keeps the pads in the same place

Sleeping without the support of a headboard can often lead to the despair of waking up in the middle of the night and having to pick up the pillow from the floor or between the wall and the bed. The headboard also helps keep the sheets securely fastened while sleeping.

protect yourself

A headboard often provides thermal insulation from the walls and even helps to keep in the heat by preventing your head from also rubbing against the cold wall at night during the winter.

protect the wall

A headboard lessens the possibility of damaging the wall or wallpaper by preventing the corners of the bed from rubbing against the paint due to movement while sleeping.

The human body itself expels sweat and oil from the head, which is why pillowcases become stained after a period of use. Therefore, your own skin and hair, when coming into contact with the wall, for example, can soil or stain the area against the wall.

So what are you waiting for to finally make the decision to have one of these wonders in your refuge?