Fall/Winter 2020 decor trends

Times are not easy and winter is coming... For this reason, and as the cold days also demand it, the most natural thing at this time will be to enjoy the time at home, preferably on the sofa, with a blanket, hot tea, a good book or even a movie on Netflix!

With that, comes the desire to give your home a little tweak and take better care of each space where you spend more time.

So now find out which trends this year Autumn/Winter when thinking about doing that project that has been in the drawer until today.

Autumn brings wonderful colors with leaves in various shades of orange and brown. The rain begins to be present daily and the days become paler and grayer.

This is also the trend of decorating colors. Make sure you can bet on:

Earth and wood tones such as brown, woody, brown, orange, burgundy, or even gray tones with all their “shades”. And as we are in the vibration of nature, green is also allowed here, whether moss green or pale green, here there is no mistake it is always a right choice. We cannot forget the dark and intense blue of this darker season and the classic white that never goes out of style!

This season is also the one where we can use almost everything in terms of textures, the weather allows it! So abuse thick fabrics, flannels, velvet and even knitted fabrics!

Another texture that can be used in decoration is marble and copper, and don't be fooled if you think that the chic style has gone out of fashion. Rustic and modern continue to complement each other perfectly!

And as the difference is in the details, change the fabrics, change the accessories and change the cushions too. How can such a simple detail change an entire decor?

On the pillows, prefer the sober and welcoming tones of the color palette that the season demands and watch the transformation happen!

As for the rugs? The fluffier and fluffier the better! They are a “must have” of the season. They warm the house, reduce the sounds and frame a space delimiting specific zones.

Don't forget the mirrors though. We want coziness but above all we want space. Having one or more mirrors doubles the perception of space, don't you agree?

After these Autumn/Winter 2020 trend tips, what are you waiting for to start thinking about remodeling that space that needs a facelift?